Who knows which direction the automotive industry will go? Many people within the industry believe that battery electric vehicles are here to stay, while others believe that they will be a stopgap before hydrogen-powered vehicles become more commercially viable. If…

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COVID-19 VES Update

Dear Partners, Firstly, we hope you, your families and your friends are all okay during these uncertain times. As we all get to grips with the challenges of living and working with the COVID -19 pandemic we thought we would…

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CO2 Refrigerant Testing

Currently, it is not an easy matter for decision-makers in commercial refrigeration to make a definitive choice when it comes to refrigerants and system type. Many refrigerant options and system architectures have appeared over the last decade, both in paper…

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Lean Manufacturing at VES

At VES, we continually strive to: Improve build quality Increase the serviceability of our machines Standardise products Reduce lead time and increase productivity. In order to achieve this, VES use key Japanese Lean Manufacturing principles. Lean Manufacturing is a systematic…

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Benefits of Robotic Loading

Robotic loading of machinery is a key aspect in automating industrial production lines, and can provide a series of significant advantages to manufacturing plants. Robotic machine tending is the automated process of tending to a machine, whether this is carrying…

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4 Ways We Can Tackle Rising Helium Costs

As Helium Shortage 3.0 approaches the end of its second year, companies are feeling the pinch of rising helium costs on their budget. Fortunately, at VES, we have identified a few short-term measures to save helium without sacrificing performance. Helium…

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