Pressure decay systems provide a dry, operator independent test for identifying leaks for higher leak rate applications (generally in the range of 1×10-2 mbar·litre/sec). This technique is particularly suited to products with small internal volumes and rigid constructions, for which temperature changes do not affect the test results and the geometry of the components does not change with the internal pressure they are charged with.

The method involves charging (or evacuating) to a set pressure; allowing the pressure to stabilise and then measuring a pressure drop or rise to determine the leak level.

In some of our leak detection machines and solutions, a pressure decay test is performed at the beginning of the test cycle where it is used to verify whether the component has any gross leaks or not. In fact in the case the component had a gross leak, the test would be abandoned before proceeding with the component evacuation and helium injection.

Vacuum Engineering can offer bespoke systems including a range of pressure decay instruments, tooling, guarding and PLC automated control.