Helium Recovery

With the increasing costs of helium, nowadays it is important to make sure that the leak detection test operations use the minimum amount of tracer gas required for the test cycle and that helium wastes are reduced to the minimum.

In order to reduce the cost of helium, this can be mixed in different percentages with dry air or nitrogen; however it has to be reminded that by decreasing the percentage of helium, the sensitivity of the system is reduced, so this solution is possible only for certain applications.

When helium is used at 100%, and especially when it is used at high leak test pressures, a recovery system can be very convenient. Helium recovery systems help save money by enabling the helium used on a leak test to be recovered and reused in the following test cycles.

The exact recovery amount depends on the product and charge pressure, but typically for high pressure systems (over 10 bar) more than 90% is recovered, and for fuel tank systems 70% to 80% is recovered.

In high pressure multiple machine applications Helium Recovery can save more than $100,000 per year!

Please contact us with the volume of the product being tested, the test pressure and the hourly production rate, and we will send you an indicative cost justification to establish whether helium recovery would be beneficial for your company or not.

Our recovery systems can be fully integrated with our leak detection machines or added as a stand- alone unit. For the various benefits offered, we tend to provide recovery systems with a flexible storage unit; however the final solution will depend on the customer’s preferences. Should you require additional information, please Contact us.