Accumulation Leak Testing Machine

The advantages of hard vacuum leak testing without a vacuum system!

Leak testing products designed to contain liquids (1.0 e-1 to 1.0 e-3 mbar·litre/sec range) are generally either completed by pressure decay, mass flow or hard vacuum leak test machines.
Pressure decay & mass flow suffer from the fact that the pressure may also vary, not because of a leak but because of a change of temperature, or volume, as described in Boyle’s law. The result is the measurement of the leak is often smaller than the “noise” created by the temperature or volumes variation so the technique has problems in capably meeting the leak rate requirements.
Our AT (Accumulation Testing) Machine combines the benefits of hard vacuum leak testing with a much lower price to purchase and to operate.
The AT Machine works by helium accumulation. The component is placed inside a sealed enclosure and charged with a helium tracer gas. A sensor located within the enclosure can measure the quantity of helium, thus detecting any additional amount due to a leak in the component.

The advantages offered by this solution are:

  • High sensitivity (up to 0.001 cc/s, subject to enclosure size)
  • Reliable and repeatable results
  • Compact and dry
  • No vacuum chamber – reduced cost
  • High throughputs
  • Relatively cheap
  • Can be used to test products directly after brazing (still cooling)
  • Quicker test than a pressure decay system
  • Can be integrated in your manufacturing line
  • Can be designed according to your requirements